I love this love story.  I love that Cosima and Delphine are allowed open passion and romance, that they’re allowed to fight and make up like any other couple.  I love that even though they’re surrounded by chaos and challenged by obstacles, those obstacles have nothing to do with their sexuality.  

I love that the season ended with a classically romantic scene.  Delphine as a dream lover, a fairy tale.  I didn’t realize how much I WANTED a scene like that until it happened.  I didn’t realize that I’d never seen a scene like that between two women before.

I love that the dream scene was included as just another part of the finale, just a casual, ‘Heeey here’s Delphine, the fairytale princess come to save Cosima,’ with no fanfare or parade.  Even though it was a small scene…I don’t know…it made me feel utterly normal and included and accepted. My story there on screen.

 I am so thankful for Orphan Black. Thank you for making this show.